Elected officials make decisions about collective bargaining rights, working conditions and benefits of the public employees. To win at the bargaining table, we need to win on Election Day.

Who do we support?

We support pro-worker candidates for school boards, city councils, county commissions, Governor, the State Legislature, President and Congress who value, believe in and stand up for public employees. FPSU supports both Republican and Democrats who supports our issues.

How do we build public power?

Our hard-earned benefits are under fire. Layoffs, furloughs, budget cuts, attack on retirement security and benefits seem to be getting worse. By getting involved we can get our elected leaders to understand our issues and help protect the jobs and services of hard working people like us.

What is COPE

COPE is an acronym for the Committee on Political Education. COPE is a voluntary political action fund that supports our political and legislative activities. COPE contributions are used to support grassroots lobbying efforts and help elect local, state and federal candidates.

How does COPE work for us?

COPE allows us to dedicate resources behind worker-friendly candidates and help get them elected. COPE money is used not only for contributions to candidates but also voter registration efforts, lobbying and get- out-the-vote efforts. Funds are also used to introduce and pass legislation that protects SEIU members and our families.

Active or retired members in good standing can make COPE contributions.

Questions: Ask our Political Director Alex Ring at alex.ring@seiufpsu.org