Become a member of SEIU-Florida Public Services Union/AESOP

Florida Public Services Union (FPSU) represents 19,000 workers in eight counties, 16 cities, three Head Start agencies and four school districts across Florida. As a statewide union, we use our collective voice and resources to face challenges such as improving the quality and reliability of the services we provide with constantly shrinking budgets, revenue cuts, privatization, downsizing and the rising cost of living and housing across the state.

Why Join
As a member of SEIU-FPSU, you get a seat at the table on issues in the workplace and at the Legislature. Envision safer working conditions, better pay, benefits and less staff turnover or understaffing. Envision getting the respect you deserve as a public servant. That's what a stronger SEIU-FPSU can achieve with you as a member. Collectively, we can restore respect of employees and pride to the workforce.

Membership Benefits
Members also have access to national and local benefit programs to offer you valuable, discounted products and services exclusively for union members. View Member Benefits and Discounts. As a SEIU-FPSU member, you know the value of union representation. The same is true when you're retired. Let FPSU be your retirement union,you'll be able to rely on the same kind of protection you had on the job. Join our Retiree Chapter.

Retiree Membership
SEIU-FPSU retirees possess a rich history within the labor movement and a passionate understanding of the vital role unions play within our society. They have played an integral role in helping to build this union and the union movement as a whole.