Together, we can elect pro-worker candidates, make politicians listen and take action on issues such as health care, education and retirement security.

Why is Politics Important?
The mayors, city councilpersons and members of school boards who negotiate our contracts and vote on our budgets also run for office. By engaging in the political process, FPSU members can work to elect leaders in our communities who will stand up for quality services and good jobs.

Member Political Organizers (MPOs) are members who take time to work on political campaigns. They participate in the endorsement process, talk to their co-workers about our endorsed candidates, help candidates get their message out and win. Once elected, MPOs help hold those officials accountable and advocate for our important issues.

  • Registering co-workers and community members to vote
  • Talking to members about our political concerns
  • Screening candidates for union support and volunteering on political campaigns to elect pro-worker candidates
  • Lobbying legislators in Tallahassee on worker issues
  • Hold politicians accountable on our issues